Event Software

Hosting an event across multiple locations in your city our country?
Our software has been specifically design to mange this situation.

Why Our Software?

Our events software was designed to manage multiple micro events across various locations but all hosted in one place.

It was built so 3rd party event hosts could create individual event content and list it on a centralised platform. All information created runs through a verification system controlled by the event organiser.  

Increase Engagement

Our event platform had proven to increase consumer engagement dramatically when hosting events.

Our  modern design and user experience has resulted in major rises in event discovery and participation. 

Backend Management

There are two parts to our backend management system.

Part one is for the individual event organisers. It allows them to create a organisation profile as well as unlimited individual events for the festival or overriding event. 
Part two is for the event administration. It provides a place to control the event listings, allowing them to accept, edit or reject event submissions from organisers. 


Event Package Features

Take a look at a few of the core features we offer when you decide to use
our platform for your event.


Frontend Design

Customise the interface design to fit your event theme or brand.

User Interface Designer

Let us help you bring the user interface to life, make your event brand stand out and instantly engage your visitors.

List & Map Events

Our consumer facing search allows users to instantly see what events are where and get invloved with what is relevant or local to them.

Event Details

The event details screen breaks down all the key event information for the visitor to instantly consume and encourage further invlovement.

Custom Landing Page

We can provide an initial landing page that informs your visitors of the basic event information before they dive into the list of individual events.

Backend Management

Take control of your event listings by validating all content before it's live.  

Authenticate Submissions

As administrators of the software you can control what is displayed on the frontend of the website by accepting, editing or rejecting event submissions by the organisers. 

Manage Organisers

As well as managing the listings you can see all your organisers and what they are adding to your platform. You can also instantly get intouch with them as there details will be at your fingertips.

Custom Development

Our developers will be on hand to edit the platform to suit your event requirements from changes in event listings to basic branding and interface stying.


Learn from your events for the future with custom reports.


We provide access that allows you to set up your own custom analytics or alternativly we can provide extra support and consultancy in this area.


Our events services includes a range of reports from organisers to events created which are invaluble to planning and future events.

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